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In this blog post we are listing all coolest things to do near Powai Lake Mumbai. Visit website to get more information.
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4 Coolest Things near Powai Lake to Check off your Bucket List

Nestled in the cradle of the Powai valley, Mumbai, Powai Lake is an over 214-year old artificial lake enveloped by denuded hills, which was built by the British in 1799. Bedecked by a dense carpet of picturesque pink and lilac balsam bushes, the lake is known for its rich biodiversity. Crocodiles, bumblebees, spot-billed ducks and white browned bulbuls are frequent visitors to this site. This makes it a popular tourist attraction of Mumbai. But, that’s not the only fun thing that the region has to offer. Here are some other attractions-

Go Karting

If you are a thrill seeker, then go karting is one of the best things to do near Powai Lake. Perched atop a hill, the Hakone Go Karting track stretches over a terrain of approximately half a kilometer in length. This is a great place for youngsters to hang out with their friends and to beat them in racing competitions. You can visit the place anytime between the wee hours of the morning until the time when the night sets in.

Paintball & Zorbing

If the adrenaline rush of go karting is not your cup of tea, then chill by painting the town red with your folks as you hit them playfully with paintballs. Not only is this a great stress buster and an interesting recreational sport, it is also a nice way to build bonhomie with your loved ones. Another interesting thing to do near Powai Lake is to experience zorbing. All that you need to do is slide inside a huge transparent plastic ball and roll! Originally conceived in New Zealand, this sport is now gaining currency in Mumbai.

Hang out at R-City Mall

Youngsters can also drop by at R-City Mall and shop at its numerous retail outlets of various international brands. From clothes to accessories, footwear, bags and cosmetic products, there is a sea of items to choose from. Another great alternative is to opt for indoor sports like ‘ten pin bowling’ at the mall. This is a great way to unwind with your friends on a boring weekend.

Visit nearby tourist attractions

If you are a tourist in Mumbai, then it is suggested that you check out some of the tourist places near Powai Lake. Some of the famed destinations, which draw swarms of visitors, include the revered Jagdishwar Temple, which is inspired by the architectural motifs of Sanchi Stupa built by Emperor Ashoka; Holy Trinity Church built in 1971; and the quadrangular shaped, Jama Masjid.

Once you are done checking off these things off your bucket list, you can drop by at Hotel Kohinoor Eilte. Its well-appointed rooms make for the perfect haven for you to relax after a weary day of exploring the city.

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