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In this blog post we are telling about list of pre wedding shoot venue in Mumbai. Visit website to get more information about these venues.
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The Ultimate Guide for a Dreamy Pre-Wedding Shoot in Mumbai

As we grow older, photographs remain the only carrier of our memories, be it of our first birthday, first day at school or important milestones of life. In today’s era, the concept of ‘Pre-Wedding Shoot’ has emerged to be the new trend. Not only your chemistry but the theme and the place where you decide to shoot matters. The city of dreams, Mumbai is an ideal choice for a picture perfect pre-wedding photo session. Here are some of the places with the suitable themes you can consider for the same:

Asiatic Library- Just like the 90s

With a white backdrop and the Greek architecture, Asiatic Library is an ideal choice to recreate the retro backdrop. Using bright outfits complementing the rustic background, you can give a vintage theme to your photo shoot. This venue is located at a close proximity to the hotels in Andheri and the hotels in Mumbai near airport.

Vasai Fort

The ruined backdrop and the calm aura make Vasai Fort a perfect venue for the couples looking for a Bollywood cum historical theme. It became popular after the shooting of the Coldplay song, ‘Hymn for the Weekend’. The contrast shaded attires will add charm and liveliness to the photos.

Imagica Theme Park- Recreating the teenage love

Amidst the pretty small rides, show off the unconditional and carefree love you have for your soulmate. Capture the candid moments while you play like a kid in this theme park. The dreamy and colorful place will brighten up your pre wedding photo shoot.

Central Park- Amidst the blossoms and birds

Central Park, a garden situated near the hotels in Andheri, is ideal for those looking for a simple yet charming option. The natural greenery will automatically add freshness and glow to your photos. You wouldn’t need to use artificial lightings as there’s plenty of natural light.

Azad Maidan- Two free birds

The extensive space of 22 acres with nothing but silence comes in no limit for theming your photo shoot. Scheduling your shoot at the time of sunrise or sunset will surely add an exceptional beauty to it.

Kala Ghoda- An artistic drop

Khyber wall, art galleries, iconic architecture- Kala Ghoda is a gem of South Mumbai and offers plenty of spots promising great background. The walls are all carved and painted with vibrant colors giving it an artistic touch.

Mahalaxmi Race Course- A fairytale touch

If you are also among them who think that there is no reason for Mahalaxmi Race Course to be called a romantic spot then you are wrong. Going the creative way, revolve your theme of ‘your prince charming approaching to you on a horse’ would be a unique one, just like the fairytales.

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