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In this blog post we are telling about places for camping near mumbai. Visit website to get more information about places to camp around mumbai.
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Weekend Alert: 5 Camping Places Near Mumbai

Mumbai city, the city of dreams as it is known, not only attracts business travelers by its thriving business opportunities but also provides them with a number of peaceful getaways with some thrilling activities. If you are looking for one such retreat, then here are some of the places near Mumbai worth considering for a camping night:

A peaceful world away from the concrete world- Uttan (53.4 km)

Uttan is an unexplored village located at the Northern outskirts of Mumbai. Even if it is a part of the bustling Mumbai, the peaceful atmosphere there is quite opposite from the noisy city. The clear blue sky, verdant site and calm surrounding makes it an ideal choice for weekend camping. The camping service available there offers a hill top camp side with some grilled and finely cooked seafood. Below the twinkling stars and beside the bonfire, this offbeat destination is a refreshing experience for those urging for a much needed break. Visiting Essel World during your stay at Uttan will make your trip more trilling with its fun rides.

Popular among city dwellers- Lonavala (83.5 km)

The well connected roads and regular bus services from Mumbai make Lonavala an easily accessible site for the city residents. This hideaway spot is not only a popular one for camping but also many other thrilling activities such as waterfall, rappelling at Dudhiware waterfall and flying fox at Shivajinagar station. A wide variety of dishes, comfortable camp and refreshing air are all in store if you’re looking for a rejuvenating experience.

A destination loaded with tranquility- Vasind (62.8 km)

A barbeque dinner and the Bhatsai river side camp- Vasind presents a perfect combination for a perfect weekend relaxation. Get to know other campers by trying out some other interesting activities as well such as kayaking, swimming, and a forest tour. After a quick breakfast from your campsite, you can trek to Mahauli Fort in the morning. The easy accessibility from the hotels near Mumbai International airport or any other luxury accommodation in Mumbai makes it a favorable camping site among the travelers.

Camping amidst the woods- Matheran (80.3 km)

Ever had a fantasy of camping amongst the woods? If yes, then this is the place you should head at. Hills, waterfalls, forest- Matheran is a beautiful combination of all. Camp between all of these and explore other attractions of this place such as one tree hill and the mini blue rail ride. Dodhani Waterfall, trekking through the forest like pathway towards the Panorama point and watching the sunset at Charlotte lake are the activities to be done during the day time.

In the monsoon, among the birds- Malshej Ghat (134.2 km)

Amidst the Western Ghats, Malshej Ghat is easily accessible from your Mumbai by bus as well as train. Surrounded by an extensive variety of flora and fauna, it is a popular destination for camping especially during the rainy season. The Cuckoo bird and flamingos make it an ideal bird watching spot. Stargaze while having a barbeque grill beside a bonfire and comfortable camp. What more reasons do you need to ditch your luxury accommodation in Mumbai and go for a whole new camping experience to Malshej Ghat!

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