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In this blog post we are telling about unexplored places to visit in mumbai. Visit website to get more information about these places.
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5 Lesser Explored Locations in ‘The City Of Dreams’

Mumbai is a metropolitan that has many faces, some of which are still a little unexplored. For those who think they have explored Mumbai at its best, here is a blog which will change that view. The business travelers staying at 3 star hotels near BKC Mumbai, which is known as the Manhattan of Mumbai, can head to the following unexplored and less crowded places for a tranquil time:

  • Kanheri Caves

Dating back to the 1st Century BC, Kanheri Caves is home to more than 100 Buddhist caves. At a distance of 29 km from the 3 star hotels near BKC Mumbai, these caves are now within the boundary of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Initially used as a shelter by monks to protect themselves from the rain, according to the archaeologists, it was used as a Buddhist learning center. The insides of these caves feature Buddhist paintings and carvings, which depict their history. Don’t forget to explore this place while wandering around Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

  • Sewri Jetty

Spread on the Eastern coast of Mumbai, Sewri Jetty is a paradise for bird lovers. The best time to visit Sewri Jetty is during the months of October to March. This place is flocked with migratory birds such as flamingos, Grey Heron, Western Reef Egret, Brown-headed Gulls and many more. The Bombay Natural History Society conducts a nature walk at Sewri Jetty, which should not be missed during your trip to the city. Just 2 minutes away is Sewri Fort, which was constructed in 1680 by the British. This architectural wonder was used by the British to defend against the enemies, which were the Mughals and Siddis.

  • Madh Island

The fact that Mumbai city is home to an island is something, which many tourists are unaware of. Situated at a distance of 30 km from 3 star hotels near BKC Mumbai, Madh Island is much more than a beach.  Right in the middle of the city, this is ideal for those seeking a calm escape from the daily hustle and bustle. It is flanked by the majestic Arabian Sea on one side and Malad creek the north-west suburb of Mumbai, on the other.

  • Cathedral of Holy Name

After a heavy lunch from a restaurant nearby BKC, head to the Cathedral of Holy name, an epitome of calmness amidst the busiest streets of Colaba. The Gothic-style architecture and magnificent towers adorned with marble altar makes it a beautiful destination. Take out some time from your busy schedule and spend an evening in the soothing aura of the church.

  • Lamington Road

Situated next to the Grant Road Station and 40 minutes away from the restaurants nearby BKC, Lamington Road is a hidden gem for all the electronic enthusiasts and gadget freaks. This street is lined up with a number of shops selling all kinds of electronic components and gadgets. And the cherry on the cake is that the unbeatable price is way less than the retail price. While exploring this electronic market, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Gateway of India, which is situated at its vicinity.

For a seamless stay in Mumbai, head to Hotel Kohinoor Elite, conveniently located 3 km away from Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC), the commercial hub of Mumbai. With spacious rooms that are equipped with all the luxurious amenities, this hotel also has fine dining outlets for the food lover in you.

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