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In this blog post we are telling about best things to do in mumbai at night. Visit website to get more information.
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5 Ways To Have A Fun Date Night In Mumbai

Taking a break from the robotic life and treating your loved ones for always being there for you is a necessity at least once in a while. If you are looking for something different than a typical candle light dinner and red heart shaped balloons, then you have landed on the right place. Here we have listed five fun and unique ways for all the Mumbai residents or the ones visiting the city to make their soul mate feel special:

  • Juhu Beach

For the calm souls whose idea of an ideal date is to be far away from the crowd so that they could talk their heart out with their loved ones, Mumbai surely has a pearl to offer to you. Juhu beach, just 5 km away from hotels in Bandra, where the sandy beach beautifully intermingles by the waves of Arabian Sea is the place to be at. Take a long walk with hand in hand and savor some delicious street food of Mumbai like vada pav, bhelpuri and Mumbai’s special cutting chai while enjoying the spellbinding beauty of the sunset.

  • Comedy Show

The best way to cheer a person up is to take them to a comedy show. Not only will it make their day but also a great start to your date night. Mumbai is home to some of the good comedians performing every now and then in tons of venues. And if you are staying at a hotel in Bandra, then keep yourself updated with the shows happening near you and surprise your date.

  • Drive-in Theater

Ever dreamed of watching a movie under the starry night with your loved one beside you? Well the drive-in theater in Bandra Kurla Complex makes that dream come true for all the Mumbaikars. Bandra’s iconic drive-in theater is one of the popular spots in the whole city where a number of romances blossoms up.

  • Unique Cafes

Finding something in common among you and your date would take your date night to another level. If that commonness is love for animals then this one is for you. Be it Bandra, Andheri, Versova or Thane, Mumbai is home to a number of unique cafes where with delicious food you get a chance to meet, adore and pet animals and birds. Have a lovely evening while hanging out with pooches and kitties.

  • Photo Walk

For a shutterbug, everything starts from perspectives and ends in photos. If you are one such shutterbug or you’ve found someone who loves photography, then what could be more impressive than getting indulged in a photo walk? CST/ Churchgate stations, Kotachiwadi, Kala Ghoda fort, Marine Drive are some of the marvelous places for you to take your date out on a photo walk from your Mumbai hotel.

With strategic location, world class amenities and spacious rooms, Hotel Kohinoor Elite is the ideal hotel to be at while staying in Mumbai. Just 3 km away from Bandra Kurla Complex, this hotel promises to provide a memorable experience for you and your family.

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