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Elephanta and Kanheri caves

Here’s What No One Tells You About Hotels in Mumbai Near Airport

Elephanta and Kanheri caves

The CITY OF DREAMS, the city that never sleeps is one and only Mumbai. The city is vibrant, peppy and is full of life. It has all the attractions shown in Bollywood movies, which is a major reason for huge number of visitors from every corner of the country and also abroad.

People usually have an impression that holidaying in Mumbai is expensive and that’s the reason they don’t plan one. However, this does not hold true as there are many Hotels in Mumbai near airport which offer affordable packages and deals. You will be able to pick from varied options as per your pocket once you start exploring the deals that no one tells you upfront.

Moreover, the city is lot more than the city of dreams and is a major tourist attraction of the state because of following reasons:


The 2000-year old history of Mumbai is well captured and preserved by a number of museums around the city. There are more historic attractions for visitors in Elephanta and Kanheri caves.


Mumbai is a perfect mixture of different cultures and ethnicity, which gives a warm welcome to all social groups in the city. The opportunities are not bound to the color, caste or creed of any individual. The city celebrates all festivals with great zeal and vigor.

Food and Cuisine

Cuisine is important part of lifestyle of the locals and it is a paradise for food lovers. Mumbai has option of exceptional street food menu as well as traditional food in heritage hotels. Pav Bhaji, Vada pav and samosa are some of the top dishes which are a must try.


The city is the motherland of Indian cinema. A trip to the film city is must when you are visiting Mumbai to watch a few scenes being shot, properties and technology used while filming. You might get lucky enough to meet a star as well

The city is at its best in winters, so pack your bags and get ready to have a unique and wonderful experience. If you are planning for a romantic weekend in the city with your partner, you will get a number of options of Luxury hotels near Mumbai airport. Although the city is lined with all the amenities in varied price range, it is better to pre-book every service for your vacation.

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